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Longboarder Hits A Chicken At 56MPH
Downhill longboarding is obviously known for it's dangerously high speeds. High speeds give you little time to react to unplanned events unfolding in front of you on the road. These guys are dhing just like any normal run, but a chicken runs out in the road. Unable to dodge the chicken, one boarder hits it head on, killing the chicken. This is just another good reason to wear a helmet. Even if you are the most experience skater out there, there are something you can't control...like chickens in the road.
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it actually does not look like he even hit it
3 years ago·Reply
That's... for lack of words to say, unusual...
3 years ago·Reply
why did the chicken cross the road to get hit by a lingboarder for dinner lol
3 years ago·Reply
dang chicken was roasted! poor boarder, hope hes good. nasty fall
3 years ago·Reply
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