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Whether you’re engaged, married, or just in a long-term relationship eventually you start hearing the questions and comments about kids. Here are 10 things you’ve either heard, or you will hear in a few years. And if you’re the happy parent? Try to avoid saying these, trust me we’ve all heard them way too often. "Have you started trying yet?” "You're so lucky you get to sleep in/travel/spend your money on irresponsible things!” "You'll see when you have kids!” "Oh wow, you must've partied HARD last night, right?! Gosh, I miss those days!” "Being around kids must be like birth control for you!” "Yeah, definitely have sex/enjoy your marriage now, because after kids, nothing is the same!” "You think you're tired now? Just wait 'til you have kids!” "You're so lucky it's just you two!” "So. When ARE you finally gonna have kids??"
@Spudsy2061 very true! I wasn't sure about starting a family for a long time and it seems so wrong to pressure someone into it.
I'm so annoyed whenever someone tells me these things. I'm even more annoyed when people say "everyone wants a kid". I didn't think there were blanket rules to like you know? Some people just don't want them.