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Pretty weird story in there but the longboarding and edit is good tho. Unsatisfied with the janky condition of their local pavement, Daniel Fissmer and Trevor Baird decide to embark on a journey of epic proportions in search of more triglyceride-laden terrain. Filmed and edited by Dustin Hampton. SETUPS Fiss - Comet Voodoo Doll / 42-deg Randals / Orangatang 4Presidents (80a, 86a) Trevor - Earthwing Belly Racer, LBL Minitee / 42-deg Randals / Orangatang 4Presidents (80a, 86a) -loadednewsletter
That was hilarious
I like the beware of dogs edit better, I'll find and post it in a sec
Beware of MEN sorry.
That was great though! " look at your wheels. They turned yellow. We found the butta"
this edit is pretty funny