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How exactly would you debug the brain? haha
Great article. And to answer your question its recognizing the things in your day to day routine that arent really top priority. For example i like video games and find that, if i am not careful, will prioritize them over everything causing me to procrastinate on important tasks. This is the bug. Once recognized it can be more effectively controlled by going "no i can't play video games i have a book to read for class. Lets do that now" and carrying out that specific task. Another bug is people hitting the snooze button over amd over. Just little things that cause you to not perform at your optimal levels. I really hope this helped lol.
Definitely hard to change old habits. Just have to get over the "hump" which is what I consider to be about a month. By then if you can keep doing the good habit, then the old habit will be gone although you will always have the urge to go back.
@Xipos @EightyNine that would be amazing to accomplish, but it would take a lot of discipline. It is a creative way of thinking of self improvement, though. I like it! I'm going to try this mentally