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To finish off the trifecta that is my 'DIY Canvas' series, I have some easy-to-follow instructions on how to make your own inexpensive and equally effective gesso canvas primer. As you may have noted in the last video tutorial, gesso priming is an essential step in creating a sturdy and functional canvas. You can buy gesso in bottles of many different sizes depending on the size of your project, or you can make it this way with a few simple ingredients you may even already have at home! ------------------------------------------------------ DIY Gesso Primer 1/2 cup baking soda 3 tbsp. white glue 2 tbsp. white acrylic paint 1 sealable container 1. Measure out and add baking soda, white acrylic paint, and white glue to the container. Stir ingredients until combined. 2. With a spoon or a sturdy painting knife, continue whipping the mixture as you would with eggs until the baking soda has 'activated' and a thicker paste-like consistency is achieved. 3. Keep sealed in the container between uses. (You may have to 'rewhip' the mixture before each use depending on how often you use it to prime.)
Remember when we talked about me making my own gesso and I was like, LET ME JUST BUY THIS EXPENSIVE BOTTLE INSTEAD.
oh. good^^
Hahaha yessss @nineincher WHO KNEW IT WAS THIS EASY?
@selena81 I'm glad you like it! :)