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my soul is slipping off the road of eternal youth but if I fall I know I'll lose my clear vision but what kind of clear vision have I had before always seeing the young living in a trail of blood and tears in a life they never chose.
@RobertStriker @timeturnerjones I'm the same way when I write! I write a lot, and then come back to it later to fix it and make it better!
@timeturnerjones it's actually both it just depends on my mood but most of the time I just go for it
The idea of whether or not we ever had clear vision really interests me: are we born with it, or are we born in a vision clouded by the actions and thoughts of those around and before us? Interesting...@RobertStriker
@RoberStriker I'd love to hear more about your process of writing~! Do you just go for it, or do you think about a certain topic first?
Head up and stay in it, I always say: even when we slip, we can pick up and move. Even if we remember those memories of a life we never chose, we can change that life to something new. As far as the writing goes, I like it. I think you could use a little more spacing in it (just so the reader knows where to take breaks) but overall enjoyable @RoberStriker