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what kind of crime is punished by a child being taken away from the only people to have ever cared about him to never see them again . waking up in the morning blaming themselves for everything this world has to offer to people like them. nothing but pain and misery is what they feel toward society built up on the streets running away from many different homes never knowing what a family that loves them feels like so they'll never show their kids that same kind of love. only bruises and scars left behind by a self imploding government
Thank you for sharing the drafts, @RobertStriker! I look forward to seeing later versions as well. I'm glad that your poetry is addressing tough but very important topics and areas of experience.
@hikaymm thanks for the feedback these are juat drafts I like to go back and fill in alittle more every one in while
@WordDoctor @RobertStriker Also looking forward to seeing your future versions as well. Like WordDoctor said, it's not easy to talk about these things, and doing it in prose can be even harder. Good work.
@RoberStriker I'd love to see more to this: expansion of the narrative, and maybe a bit of imagery? The base hits a really strong emotional thread but I want more so that I can dive into it, you know?