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French street artist and illustrator BAULT turns the bare walls of Paris with colorful and fantastical imagery of birds, fish, and other phantasmagorical creatures. Part monster and part animal, these creations put BAULT's deep imagination on an incredible display. Each work is made in a very textured and vivid style, a result of using a combination of both acrylic paint and low pressure spray paint to create each piece.
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These part fish creatures are kind of cracking me up: I'd definitely be taking pictures when them all if I came across them! The texture is really interesting, too!
3 years ago·Reply
@hikaymm Yeah, you can definitely tell there's a lot of layers going on. I love that effect.
3 years ago·Reply
wow so beautiful n artistic
3 years ago·Reply
@EemanAlipour Right? The colors are so bright!
3 years ago·Reply
yeah dear @danidee .but I can't understand the meaning of this drawing exactly!
3 years ago·Reply