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Here comes the B&W challenge! I had to turn these photos into B&W via editing (I usually don't take B&W) so I'm not sure how good they are, so please give any feedback that you have! This photo is one I took at a fair I go to every year in Ohio. The flowers are so many different colors, but I wanted to show that the shape and texture of them, too, is quite beautiful, by turning the image black and white! @Vaius Keep the challenge up and thanks for starting it!
I thought these were paper flowers at first!
@hikaymm great photo ^^ but i think you forgot to nominate someone :P
@marshalledgar AND there's usually a lot of free stuff, so what's not to love?
@hikayamm I'd totally be into the vibe of the Canfield Fair. I love hitting apple orchards and pumpkin patches, so this would bd fun.
@Vaius Oops!! I was running out of people I thought would like it :( how about @uberwren?
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