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I've been riding these setups for a couple of months, and I really really enjoy them! But a few months can take its toll, so cleaning day it is! My first board is a Loaded Cantellated Tesseract. I ride it with some blue Caliber 1s, 90a Venoms (barrels roadside, free-rides boardside), Bones Reds, and purple Otang Stims. This board is great for downhill and freeride, because of its AMAZING curves. Really locks you in, while the trucks and wheels also make it street ready. For faster speeds, I put some orange Otang In Heats for a smoother ride. Highly suggest this board. My second board is a Loaded Tan Tien, Flex 3. I ride it with some black Paris 180s with some orange Otang Nipples, Bones Reds, and yellow Otang Cages. This setup is SUPER flexy and carvy, so I take it out with friends and to school and other basic rides. Though it can't handle hardcore riding, it is the funnest board to take to the streets. Comments on my boards?(:
Ha. Nipples
mmmmmmmmm cantellated tessy looks beautifuly
Honestly, it is too flexy for the freestyle I like doing, since it is flex 3 (I chose that flex for carving and comfort reasons). I always bottom out or side it cause its flex and the bushings are so soft. but when I do try it, its the width that seems small. the angle honestly seems fine, width just seems so small.
Great post! Have you ever tried any freestyle on the Tan Tien? I feel like the tiny kick tails aren't even existent because they're so small, it must make freestyle hard.
It is a great great board. Its like the regular tesseract but downhill ortiented
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