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This is a question that I've learned a bit about from @happyrock in her first rod basics collection, but I still am not sure what I want to purchase form here. My dad uses a Shimano Sienna spinning reel with a Sellus rod that works great. I'm considering either getting a baitcaster or a slightly lower-end spinning reel. Most of my fishing is done on the bank for bass with soft plastics and spinners. Any suggestions on better spinning reel or baitcaster? Never owned a baitcaster before!
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@JustinFranks @mcgraffy Thanks guys, I'll consider those factors. @dougjohnson How can I find out where these expos are? Otherwise I'll try my friends. @yakwithalan Yeah shore fishing in farm ponds, but I do plan to go on some bigger trips
@fallingwater do a search of your area online. other email the company you're interested in and ask them where you might give it a try
I have a quantum escalade spinning, works well for me. med set up. works well fish up to 10-15lbs
@JustinRussell Thanks for the input!! I'll add it to my list.
if it was me, go with whatever you want. that's the great thing about fishing. its literally whatever you want. after I learned a baitcaster its what I mostly throw. I don't recommend going out and getting an expensive one tho. learn and once you get used to it, then go out and get a good one