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How would you go about fishing for finicky bass? There are quite a few 1-3lb bass that i want to fish for. The water is really clear about 4feet into the pond lake. They can easily see me, and most of the time they're easy going. Should I try a popper (fly fish)? Or a texas rigged worm? A bluegill lure? Keep in mind, there's a lot of mossy algae nearly everywhere and it's where they tend to hangout. @mcgraffy @dougjohnson @JustinFranks I'd appreciate any help!
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@dougjohnson True!! But there's not much I can do about that; I usually go morning but I'll try to get there even earlier and see if that does anything. @RonTorrisi I like the sound of this setup! Pretty simple but looks like it'll get the job done. @JustinFranks yeah these are farm ponds for sure hahah I haven't actually tried worms cause I'm working on technique more than just catching them you know? Thanks anyways! @mcgraffy will do!
@fallingwater well give this all a try and hope your fishing gets better!
personally i stand further up the bank. if a worm and bobber doesnt work I lose the bobber, still no luck I toss a small rapala through them. if STILL no luck I toss a fly (on a spinning rod) a little past them and try to get the attention. that works more than youd think. haha. tight lines!
@JustinRussell Thanks for the advice!!! I'll try those (though I don't yet know how to tie any flies....)
try to wacky rig a senko. fish down the shore and wear dark clothing Gary Yamamoto senko are my favorite. dead stick them let them rest on the bottom for a few seconds then slowly bump it every few seconds