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Everyone's advice has been really great for helping me learn (thanks everyone!) so I feel a little silly asking this one, but I'm having trouble with my hook sets. I see the bass strike my lure, and I give the rod a good, hard, clean sweep in order to set the hook. But, when I go to reel in the bass, it either spits my lure or I end up reeling the lure right out of the basses mouth! What should I do?
Idk if this will help, but when your feeling that little tug, sometimes try giving it a split second before setting it. I find that allows the fish to work it a little deeper for a better hook set....
@fallingwater @KawikaAfelina has got a good point
My tip: just keep practicing!!! You'll get the hang of it :)
@dougjohnson @mcgraffy Thanks! I feel like I am doing that but I guess I Just need some more practice
also keep your rod tip low and pointed at the lure, (not totally, you should still have a slight bend in the rod tip.) This will give you more leverage when the fish hits. @fallingwater
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