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I was challenged by TechAtHeart - So here we go! Day 1 - With the one of the largest hurricanes in modern history (Hurricane Floyd, 1999) headed towards the Southern East Coast like a freight train - millions of Georgia and Florida residents were evacuated. In Georgia, near Savannah, the only way out of the path of the storm was Interstate 16 - which runs between Macon, GA and Savannah, GA - on the path between Savannah and Atlanta. I sat in my little sports car with 2 really pissed off cats, my cameras and my computer for 18 hours. I made it about 50 miles outside of Savannah and decided to take the back roads to my family's home in North Carolina. The interstate had been converted to one-way traffic - all lanes headed towards Macon - away from the deadly storm. In this insane heat and grid-lock - people were angry, children scared, fights broke out, confusion abounded. I remember seeing this little boy right next to my car crying and screaming for his mom - who was right next to him. I grabbed my Minolta 35mm - loaded with B&W film. And snapped a photo. It was the image of that painful, horrific drive that stuck in my memory.
I love the emotion you captured!
thankuu 4 sharing dis I really appreaciate it
A fantastic picture. It takes allot of courage to capture such a moment.
Wow, what a story to go with an awesome photo. I can really feel his confusion and panic in the situation. Great!
@jonpatrickhyde Incredible photo. And you write so well too. I grew up in Florida. the worst hurricane for me was Andrew 1992? I remember how remarkably sunny and beautiful it was outside 1 day before it hit. And yet it was eerie too because of the impending doom. We were in Ft. Lauderdale, some 60 miles north of homestead, which was demolished.