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I go to a new charter school that just opened up. One of the big aspects of this school are the "Flex Friday's". Rather than having classes on Friday, we work on year long group projects that the students think up themselves. My project is all about designing and creating DH longboard decks. Our decks are to be specifically built for stability, so on each one we make, we are going to add layers of rubber in the areas of it where the trucks would be connected. These will act as shock absorbers. Each deck we build will be sold to make money for our school. What do you guys think?
That sounds great, I live in an area that is really hilly and really rocky so that an awesome idea.
This really sounds awesome! Can't wait to see how the projects comes along
Thanks for the input everyone!
sounds pretty legit man
If the boards you make are solid, youl make so much money. hit me up when you make it big bro
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