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Brief message from the STAFF
Listen guys, we've been working hard to get this community to the state it's in now, especially @Mikerosa92 . Im talking about all of you in this community. So to keep this awesome community growing, please try to get your friends involved. Share posts from the Longboard Freeride page on facebook and remember more members we have, the better the community will be!
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Anytime @RobynSecor
3 years ago·Reply
hey id like to say that im also very pleased with the current state of the longboarding community especially with the recent rush of new members that have joined these last monthes ive recently found out how to transfer videos from youtube to vingle so i am happy to help by adding videos that i find interesting and from the feedback ive recieved so do my fellow community members
3 years ago·Reply
I wasn't sure if I'd like this page or not, but it's awesome! so many good video's, picture's, and most importantly other boarder's. Thanks for being part of the community.
3 years ago·Reply
@austinwagner Glad to have you (: get a profile picture man! we gotta recognize you!
3 years ago·Reply
agreed, sir. Gotta get in a couple pics of my board and I.
3 years ago·Reply