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what are your guys' favorite DK/Hybrid setups? favorite TKPs and small slidey wheels? Currently running a yoface 35 with Indy 169s and volante checkers, pretty much perfect, although the wheel flares are a little aggressive
Tesseract. Hands down the best double kick hybrid. SWEET concave. put soke caliber 2s on it with butterballs. too good
@Jlukasik that's lame that you would do that and the boards you were thinking of are the hightailer, drifter, executioner or the yoni from earthwing but I run two and a half dk. . . arbor 2012 shakedown gt 39, navigatior 190mm 50°, 70 mm green kryptos omen fatty trud 36, 180mm buck hangers on 42° Randall baseplates, 72mm rad releases custom rayne mini 24, cast ronins, 76mm fireball beasts
that board is all hype IMO. its practically got no concave, its really heavy and its way too expensive to be a thrash around board. honestly, if you buy a board cause it looks good, I'm going to brand you as a kook haha, no offense intended. my all time favorite dk is the earthwing skate boar though, but thats discontinued and impossible to find online ;-; not sure if youve seen it but the new earthwing dk prototype for 2015 looks amazing, gonna get my hands on one as soon as they release. maple sandwiched between carbon fiber, wheel flares, directional shape and ample wheelbase options, quite possible the perfect dk in my book when it comes to skateboarding, functionality > appearance (by hybrid/dk I mean in the 34-37in range, there's too many other sick giant skateboards to list)
I'd say arbiter dk. The yoface seems just like a big skateboard to me, I don't really love the shape