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Rubyfruit is a charming vegan cafe and bakery located a bit west of Sydney. All of their offerings are egg-free, dairy-free and vegan :) They also have many gluten-free, some sugar-free, some nut-free options, though they warn you that there may be traces of nuts in their desserts. What I love most about them is their commitment to improving the vegan community around them. They donate their tips to a new animal rights charity and participate in a number of vegan festivals throughout the year. "Rubyfruit founders Amanda and Simone, both vegans, see their business as part of their commitment to activism. They want to help people understand that a compassionate vegan diet is not one of deprivation, but rather an indulgent and delicious way to live. “We aim to dispel the myth that vegan food is bland and boring, all oats and apricots! Instead we demonstrate to people through Rubyfruit that vegan food can be delicious, varied, satisfying and even super indulgent… it’s our way of supporting people to see that you don’t need to use animal products to have amazing food!” Simone explained." - TwoVeganGirls Here are some menu options: - Thai-style organic tofu salad with chili and fresh herbs - Coconut Chia layered with Rhubarb and Vanilla Compote, Toasted Hazelnuts and Fresh Strawberries - Smokey Chipotle Chili - Tandoori Tofu Burger - Oreo Cheesecake - Sticky-Date-Pudding Address: Shop 10, 166-168 Leura Mall Leura, New South Wales 2780 Telephone: +61-432-963663
It certainly is "an indulgent and delicious way to live" :) I feel like I'm always eating the prettiest, tastiest things!
The chia parfait is almost too pretty to eat! (Almost!)
I love their tip jar! That's such an awesome idea :)