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Tutorial on how to customize your own longboard deck. For anyone to learn. I have already finished the project, but I will give any advice for people who want to do their own fiberglass job. The main materials you need are as follows: Fiberglass resin/epoxy with hardener Cloth of choice (preferably thin) Brush or bondo razor/ auto body filler Razor or box cutter works. and scissors fiberglass sheets (longer than board) sandpaper 100 up to 550 or so acetone, nail polish remover, or paint thinner (acetone works best) and spray-on urethane (preferably high gloss) optional-rice paper and drawing materials, rubbing alcohol, soapy water You first clean the **** out of you deck, sanding and cleaning with acetone. NOTE: I used a blank deck and recommend the same for anyone. but you can start with a used deck, just make sure it's stripped clean. then apply a thin layer of resin (make sure you don't use to much and hardener is mixed properly-instructions on can) Cut off excess cloth or graphic that you don't need to handle it easier but leave a little bit of material around edges. (measure it out) apply your laminate, cloth, or whatever you want the graphic to be, wet out the graphic with more resin, make sure not to use too much resin. Lay on your fiberglass sheet carefully and evenly (no bubbles) (I didn't use a sheet of fiberglass and I regret it because you have to sand it smooth later) Then wet out the fiberglass sheet as well, again not using too much resin. Let it cure/dry completely, flicking off any debris or crap sticking to the resin. (it might take awhile) Cut off all the excess dry material with a razor so it's straight with the curves of the board. Afterwards you can start sanding it smooth, using a coarser grit (not too coarse) first then moving up to fine. I use soapy water (dawn preferably) with the finer grit. Do NOT sand too far into the resin and fiberglass. You will have to apply more resin if you sand too deep. Then when it is smooth you can clean it off with water or a small amount of rubbing alcohol. make sure there's no dust or anything left on the board. Then use the aerosol polyurethane or whatever gloss you would like and spray it onto the board evenly. I did both sides of the board with polyurethane because of waterproofing. Let it dry and observe. NOTE: I have seen other people even use buffing materials and polish/wax to gloss the board. You can then add griptape and hardware of your liking. I will be making a board from carbon fiber, laminate/ rice paper ,and fierglass. Stay tuned
Love your boards. I think everybody is dying to see the carbon fiber!
this is such a kickass board. I wish i had time to make one myself
I've never heard of using cloth as a graphic! Thats really original.
Dude could you make me a board?
Me and E.basil of silverfish were talking about cf builds with cheap cores and we are planning on making a garbage core board that would be light as a feather
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