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Located in Fort Worth and Dallas, Spiral Diner and Bakery uses mostly organic ingredients and practices green ethics by recycling, using biodegradable takeaway containers & cutlery, and reducing waste. It is known for its incredible all-you-can-eat vegan pancakes on Sunday. Everything they offer (even the bacon) is 100% vegan including their custom-made cakes. They have a gluten-free and soy-free menu as well! Everything is bigger in Texas, so prepare for some generous serving sizes :) Here's some menu offerings: - Taco Salad with Mexican Quinoa - Sunshine Sandwich with Scrambled Tofu - Hot Hummus Wraps - Chocolate Chip Pancakes Address: 1101 N Beckley Ave Dallas, Texas 75203 Telephone: 214-948-4747 Website:
I'm down for some chocolate chip pancakes.
I love the retro-diner feel of this place. Looks like I'm heading to Texas!