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My first and my favorite board. The Gravity hypercarve. I had so much fun on this board, and still do. Looking to get into freestyle now that I have a board for freeride. Any tips would be appreciated!
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Oh I know I saw one on some smaller skate shop page a few months ago but I don't remember which
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@drlizardo That must be the 42 minicarve! They are discontinued as well. The closest board that is in production is going to be the 43 drop kick i think. It has some concave, and an ok kicktail.
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@Shulace beautiful Hypercarve! glad i got mine. have you tried the Minicarve?
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@TylerGeorge Nope, all I know is it's just a shorter version of the hyper haha
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@Shulace i almost bought one instead of my hyper for my first board. but i fell in love with the hyper
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