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Vaust Braugaststatte Berlin is an amazing vegetarian restaurant and micro-brewery established spring 2012 that became all-vegan in Dec 2013! The menu is small, but worth it since everything they offer is top notch. Their homemade beers are also popular with visitors and locals alike. Here are some TripAdvisor reviews: "The menu isn't extensive, but it's beautifully cooked and really delicious. The beer's great too, and we finished it off with a rhubarb liqueur." "We are not vegetarian, but our friends are. We had a great meal, good size portions. The staff were friendly and supplied us with an English menu to help in our choice." "We kept it simple and just had a main, we were not dissapointed. We had the tofu ravioli which was fantastic. Yes the menu was limited, but dont let it put you off, it was well worth the u-bahn ride." Menu Offerings: - Leek and Mushroom Quiche - Pumpkin Pappardelle - Apple-red Cabbage and Potato Dumplings Address: Pestalozzistrasse 8 Berlin, Germany 10625 Telephone: +49-3054599160
My neighbors are obsessed with micro-breweries. I'll send this there way ;)
FInally, another excuse to go to Germany! THis looks delicious.