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I need to do this with a group of friends asap!!
Longboarding Adventure - Insane Speeds!:
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Lmao aw man we are on opposite sides of the country xD
3 years ago·Reply
damn that sucks,where are u at me nd my friends are looking to do a little "longboard tour" nd try to hit some of the nicest hills we could find,it would be awesome if we had others to ride with wen we get to their state
3 years ago·Reply
Long Island, the worst place to be a longboarder, but upstate new york has solid roads. Queens, right next to the city, is also pretty good for longboarding, especially in forest hills
3 years ago·Reply
You guys should make a video montoge of all the hills you hit and post it here
3 years ago·Reply
wow that looks great ive always had an alot better time cruising with friends all day
3 years ago·Reply