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Package Design
So this is a prototype that I made, I'm designing a package for longboard wheels. How many of you would buy this if you saw it in stores or in a board shop?
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very great looking design i agree with @shulace looks alot more accessible and definetly not in a bad way would i buy it if i seen it in a shop? now thats where looks have nothing to do with it its all about preformance but yes its an amazing design
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They look very nice!!
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Looks great to me, but you may have to change the design depending on the size of the wheel. The 70mm fit great, what about 65, or 60?
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@steezus for sure. I could totally resize it without changing the design, really all I need to do is shrink the box.
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@JoeyMotionless that's true, doesn't matter how pretty the package is, for a real boarder it all comes down to the wheels.
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