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Gordon and Keselowski couldn't keep their hands off each other after the race Sunday, you'd think that since he just came off suspension for his previous brawl he'd be more in line, but that doesn't seem like the case. Gordon got upset because Keselowski rubbed him after a restart with 2 laps left to go, causing him to lose his 1st place position, and finish in 29th after having to replace a tire during caution because of the contact between the cars. Keselowski ended up finishing 3rd. After the race, the two (and their crew) got into an altercation. And NASCAR (obviously) isn't going to let it slide: 4 crew members, and both crew chiefs, are being fined and held responsible for their actions. The crew members for escalating the fight, and the crew chiefs for not keeping control of their teams on the track. What do I have to say? They had it coming. Anyways, not often we get to see these fights, though I guess they're getting more and more common.
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@ChickenNrice yeah it's kind of bizarre, but also these guys are risking their lives everytime they drive so it makes sense that they get heated up
Never would have thought there would be fights in nascar but yeah it's really dangerous so I understand why they would brawl