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IMPORTANT NEWS: There is a third Franco brother! Not just James! Not just Dave! Tom Franco is a real guy, and he looks really good (I'm sorry to stoop to this, but come on! That hair!) Not only does he look good, but he's super talented as well: he gave acting a go (check out his movie Basket Case 2) and then decided to pursue his love of art instead. You can find his blog here: http://tomfranco.blogspot.com/p/bio.html I've also included an interview he gave to the City of Walnut Creek about his work and his collaboration with his mother, Betsy Franco. Yep, with his mom. He also illustrated her book; I've attached an interview they did about the work they did together on that book in the above as well! And there you have it: thank you Doug and Betsy Franco for sharing your three beautiful sons with us. Really. Thank you.
@LuisaM221 of course knowing you. @timeturnerjones not really a fan of them but i like their acting, lols
@timeturnerjones hmmmm... you may be right about that, hahaha
@Acezsinkillx I think that counts as being a sort of fan, too :D
@LuisaM221 @Acezsinkillx They're all so cute!! lol
omg @Acezsinkillx my babes james ;) lol