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Taylor Swift Removes Herself from Spotify
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Unannounced, Team Taylor Swift has removed her entire discography from Spotify. The removal might have to do with the record-breaking first-week sales of 1989, which might overtake the 1.3m copies Britney Spears’ debut sold in its first week. That would make Swift’s album the highest selling first week by a female solo artist in US history. Originally, it seemed that 1989 was just being held off from Spotify until sales went up, seeing as T Swift took the same approach with Spotify on her last album, Red, by not putting it up for streaming until a few months after its release. Instead, every single song from Swift was removed indefinitely. Spotify wrote a touching letter to Taylor (which you can read here: https://news.spotify.com/uk/2014/11/03/taylor-swifts-decision/) asking her to come back to the service where 40 million fans are waiting to stream her album. They even included two heartbreaking playlists to stream to fill the Taylor-shaped void in your Spotify library. Is this smart or incredibly stupid of her marketing team?
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She's ruffling feathers all over the place! I guess she doesn't need the money from Spotify, but still that stinks for her fans who want to stream the album instead :/
@WiviDemo1 I agree. I'm pretty sure it was not just her decision. If it was in response to the complaints of various people online for not having her new album out...then I guess this was her way of saying: You want to listen to it? Buy it. Bold move. As announced on various news sources today, her album did go platinum...so I guess it payed off? I honestly don't understand Spotify's response to this whole situation....they're begging and pointing fingers
Spotify is being shady with the numbers so I don't blame her and her record label. Someone needs to take a stand. I'm sure Spotify is making a killing