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Mine is the limited edition TKO Kraken Black Spiced Rum by Omen. I'm not sure why I want it so much but I just do. I love the graphic but it saddens me that it was a limited board. Or the Vault Tech Boy sold by Bethesda. Let me know the board you guys want really bad but feel like you guys will never get.
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The sector 9 Natasha. She is so pretty.
3 years ago·Reply
My dream deck is a landyachtz r5 beautiful board for extreme down hill riding
3 years ago·Reply
I want a loaded chippy unicorn, a loaded tesseract, or an original baffle 37
3 years ago·Reply
It's gotta be the loaded tesseract for me. That board is just phenomenal.
3 years ago·Reply
tesseract the "do it all board" id like to do it all
3 years ago·Reply