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Bookcases are not only for books. The next time you take trip to the mall take a peak at the product organization inside your favorite clothing/accessory store. Almost every shop utilize a shelving system to display their merchandise. This is especially true for shoe boutiques because shelving is more attractive than browsing through a metal shoe rack (No offense to DSW. I always have a hard time finding shoes through the clearance rack). I'm not saying your closet should look like a socialite or celebrity, but a little tweak can make stepping in your closet a happier experience (Plus, you won't get the temptation to buy new items). The first step to start a shelving system for closet is to get rid of excessive hangers. Yes, hangers are convenient, especially for those who don't like folding their clothes after laundry. However, not every garment (t-shirt, hoodie, cami) needs a hanger. The clothes I hang are dresses, chiffon shirts, coats, jackets and skirts. I organize the rest by folding and shelving. Once you figure out what you want to shelve and store, invest in a bookcase. Ikea is a good place to look at. The have a wide selection, simple collection, and reasonable price. If you are stuck with what to choose go with the white bookcase. It's versatile and instantly brightens any closet. Browse through the pictures for inspiration. You don't need to have a big closet to do this. Happy organizing!
The second room looks beautiful.
If only I have space in my closet. It's too small to store more than one bookcase.