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EVERYTHING, except dem bruised ribs and road rashes (there's always a first time for everything)! Got lucky with a purchase--my Madrid (got it used for $50 complete, so I replaced the wheels and bearings). I also painted my Penny Board, and changed the hardware into something colorful. Gawd, I love working on these things! My 10th photo pretty much shows how it all started for me. Got curious at the Jersey Shore, so I hopped on a friend's Bustin never having tried longboarding before. Now I'm addicted. :x I wish I knew more women who longboard, though. My dude friends always making fun of me for considering design in my purchases. Can't help it! Yikes!
I think girls that longboard are a rare breed
I know maybe like two girls that longboard that's it but man snows coming immature have to put my board away soon sad :(
@mayahowe I personally only know one girl, but they exist! LOL. Getting a girls crew would def not be easy, but it would be hella worth it! It would be so empowering. :)
finding girls that can shred the gnar is an everyday struggle for me. I wanna get in an all girls crew though, at least once. its be cool to ride with some more princesses who rule the pavement (;
Thanks @DiaCapistrano @AlainCasimiro @EmilySalzsieder @EugeneAlcantar @JericoHewitt @tristendamon It's my Duster's Cali board (stock DC wheels). I fell riding downhill! I had some really good ointment at home, so no scars 馃榿! BUT I was kind of bummed I bruised my ribs because I couldn't workout or ride for a few weeks. I stopped by a local skateshop, and was told to sit on the sidelines because girls aren't suppose to get roughed up, but whatever man! Everyone falls! We should be more supportive of one another, I think! My only concern is the fact that I'm not that young, so it takes longer to recover.
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