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EVERYTHING, except dem bruised ribs and road rashes (there's always a first time for everything)! Got lucky with a purchase--my Madrid (got it used for $50 complete, so I replaced the wheels and bearings). I also painted my Penny Board, and changed the hardware into something colorful. Gawd, I love working on these things! My 10th photo pretty much shows how it all started for me. Got curious at the Jersey Shore, so I hopped on a friend's Bustin never having tried longboarding before. Now I'm addicted. :x I wish I knew more women who longboard, though. My dude friends always making fun of me for considering design in my purchases. Can't help it! Yikes!
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cool for ya' but Filipino kids have versions of skates it's just couple of woods and berrings and look at their faces SMILES
@AlainCasimiro gotta love that Filipino ingenuity!
@mpoblete Team Fil' dude haha fistbomb!
How do you like that Madrid board? Thinking about getting one.
@madiarchibald I like it! This is the board that I lend to others when they first try or start out longboarding. It also won't break the bank.