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Interstellar, from producer Christopher Nolan, is set to premiere in the US today! I haven't been out to see it yet, but I keep watching the trailers in anticipation of the weekend when I'll finally get to go see it! I've been seeing a lot of people online compare the film (based on the trailers) to a new version of Space Odyssey 2001, but I am not ready to pass judgement on that point until I see it for myself. I definitely see similarities in the overall plot based on the trailers, but what apocalypse movie doesn't have some blatant similarities? If an apocalypse movie were to be made that pushed the "standard" beliefs of what would happen at those times, people wouldn't find it believable, and they would complain about that. Either way, I think the movie needs to be seen before we decide about it! I really love the simplistic soundtrack for the trailers: it seems like the emptiness of a future that might not have a future, like the trailers depict, has really carried over into the trailers. To all the people who say Christopher Nolan is either overrated or that his Dark Knight Rises sucks, please chill out. Sorry, but just take a minute to think about it. Love every piece of his work or not, Nolan isn't overrated because he IS a phenomenal and ground-breaking director; he adds realism to every single film he's done, never falling for or giving in to the mundane. And even if The Dark Knight Rises is far from perfect, it's still a damn good movie that's better than most blockbusters (I'd say it's more epic than The Dark Knight, but The Dark Knight is better overall). Interstellar looks to be not only his masterpiece, but one of the greatest science fiction films in history, maybe even the greatest SF epic of all time. I know that's going a bit far, but I have seriously high hopes for this flick!
@AgentCory I think it is, and I kind of love that now that I thought about it because the movie came out Nov 5....was that on purpose?
ok so it looks totally awesome and I'm right there with you @EightyNine but isn't the song in the first trailer the same one form V For Vendetta?!?!
I'm SO excited!
@hikaymm I have no idea but I was so confused XD at least I'm not crazy lol
Star studded cast and star director. I can't wait. Is this one actually directed by Nolan or just produced? And as for it being the greatest SF film in history... let's watch it first before we crown it that haha