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Is there a such a thing as a Longboard Con? Kind of like Mecha, Anime, etc. cons? I think it would be hella dope if a con like that was set up where people from all over come, meet up, and board together. Not to mention if you could get sponsors to come and donate/sell parts like wheels, bearings, or trucks...I digress. Is there a con like this?
Well every year on June 21st is go skate day! Here in Florida we have a couple of events where everyone meets up at the lakeland skate park and then skates as an entire mass to the Polk museum of art for all the festivities and such. :) but When I lived in San Diego, ca, sectors 9 would always host the poker run on June 21st at Coronado beach! :D they give out a bunch of prizes from wheels to completes! So you can always be sure that Florida and California have a lot to offer each have year. June 21st is pretty much every skater's and longboarder's national holiday :)
look up the Broadway Bomb
No they don't travel, they're normally held in one location. Take the Broadway Bomb as an example, tons of skaters flood the streets and its a great time, but it never goes anywhere BUT Broadway. Same with maryhill.
@Mannith, which ones? @Micah, Yea just thinking about it kind of freaks me out. I'm not amazing at longboarding so or downhill so one screw up and my board or myself could go over a rail. Definitely a lot of precautions would need to be done. @filirican, I didn't know that! I'll keep that in mind
You might have to start your own events. Florida and Texas have some kind of events
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