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I was already very excited for the release of Christopher Nolan's new movie "Interstellar," being a big fan of space travel and any depictions of it. I was even more delighted to hear Michael Caine's amazing voice reciting that ever-famous Dylan Thomas poem, "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" in one of the trailers. A movie trailer may not be the most expected place for a poem - but it's perfect! There are few things more poetic than space, in my opinion...
Definitely, @TechAtHeart! Actually, @hikaymm @timeturnerjones@TechAtHeart it would be really fun to discuss the movie together in a card after we see it! I'll see if I can set something up....
Oh my goodness this is great!!! I did not expect that, but the poem gave the trailer another layer of potential despair, and yet hope. Very cool @worddoctor. I think @timeturnerjones would love this :)
@WordDoctor that would be awesome!!
I love that poem @WordDoctor ! First time seeing this trailer, looks like this movie is worth watching
@hikaymm right you are! @WordDoctor I posted a card about Interstellar recently as well, and didn't even realize this poem was in it. Great catch!
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