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There is finally progress in the case. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson avoided a felony child abuse trial Tuesday by pleading no contest to the charges. He will pay a fine of $4,000, serve 80 hours of community service, be placed on probation. Now the question is will he play again this season? The Vikings have yet to activate him and are probably awaiting on the league to see if he will have to serve further punishment. Peterson's teammates have already stated they would welcome him back to the team. Since the NFL has no previous precedent to use in this situation, it is difficult to predict what will happen. Check back for further developments.
@chickenNrice the worst part is he is being crucified by reporters that are trying to save face after their wrong stance on the Rice case. AP is actually known as a good guy
I am betting the league overreacts bc of the issues it saw with the Rice case
@Goyo AP has a lot of foundations for children. He probably made a mistake in disciplining the kid too quickly but yeah I think he should be free to discipline his children how he wants to
@goyo for sure. Definitely a series of unfortunate events and unluckily for AP he has to pay
Can't believe he got so much shit for it. Way to crucify your star rb nfl. He didn't even get a severe punishment! Smh wthelk was all the fuss about, stupid media and pc people these days