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Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question," is simple but effective. It features real people speaking openly about their bodies and the things they would like to change. The first half focuses on adults, whose answers are quite sobering; one woman says she would change her skin, since "I have dealt with acne and eczema issues ever since I was a kid." A young man tells the camera that he would scrap "the puffiness of my face." Another woman likely speaks for many people when she asks, "Only one?" The second half, however, gives children a chance to answer. Their responses? "A mermaid tail," "extra pointy ears," "legs like a cheetah so I could run faster," "teleportation in my body" and, best of all, "I don't think there's anything to change." The message is clear. The video reinforces the idea that as adults, we're accustomed to internalizing negativity toward our bodies. This can come from any number of places, including society, peers or family. We focus on the so-called bad parts of ourselves and on things we want to take away. Most kids, on the other hand, aren't yet exposed to this sort of personal revilement. They think of the things they want to add, and most of them are creative in nature.
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6 pack abs
six pack abs
healthy looking body
@sophiamor @stargaze Speaking of being true to who we are, did you see this video? take a look. you may need a Kleenex. ;)
Children are wonderful! Growing older also gives us the grace to accept ourselves because it is so much better than the alternative at any age no matter our perceived flaws.