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"Nearly 8 million people have Chagas disease, a life-threatening illness passed to humans by "kissing bugs," or triatomines, living in Latin America. About 11,000 people per year die of the disease, but its association with immigration and poverty may be preventing widespread awareness, activists say. In the U.S., few people know about the disease — but the CDC figures that some 300,000 people may be infected here. In countries like Bolivia, which has the highest rate of Chagas in the world, it's standard practice to screen expectant mothers for the disease, since they could pass it on to their children, but in the U.S., doctors rarely think to check for the illness."
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What made this pop up into the news? I saw it in the headlines as well, but it seemed really random?
3 years ago·Reply
Seems like some spillover fear from Ebola is causing this to enter the news. Interesting.
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what is that? how this bug can harm to people?
3 years ago·Reply
This is so weird! So how is this bug harming people? By direct contact?
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