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Anybody have any experience with these? I was considering them because they are cheaper and the shape would double as a nose guard for the slide through im looking at. Mostly for freeriding/carving and light downhill.
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They are supposed to be "aerodynamicly shaped". I am looking at getting the fun box Susie, so the trucks would extend beyond the wood. The Churchill trucks are pretty good, but I would like to upgrade. I just can't spend $50 plus.
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They are designed differently which may have been their downfall but they do work
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old school wide trucks with aerodynamic properties
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The Veloz are nice and stable, but my buddy had them and said that he may as well just ride calibers. I would vote more along the lines of calibers as well, the 44's are good for just about everything involving speed. Using your truck as a nose guard may seem like a good idea, but they're not designed for the impact you could snap your kingpin or pivot off the plate.
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