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Veloz Trucks
Anybody have any experience with these? I was considering them because they are cheaper and the shape would double as a nose guard for the slide through im looking at. Mostly for freeriding/carving and light downhill.
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They are supposed to be "aerodynamicly shaped". I am looking at getting the fun box Susie, so the trucks would extend beyond the wood. The Churchill trucks are pretty good, but I would like to upgrade. I just can't spend $50 plus.
They are designed differently which may have been their downfall but they do work
The Veloz are nice and stable, but my buddy had them and said that he may as well just ride calibers. I would vote more along the lines of calibers as well, the 44's are good for just about everything involving speed. Using your truck as a nose guard may seem like a good idea, but they're not designed for the impact you could snap your kingpin or pivot off the plate.