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Hey guys! My names Hanson and I'll be here just posting random tips and tricks about Longboard so you guys can try them out as well! I've been boarding for about 2 years, not a pro. Just a guy who lives on the West Coast and likes riding to his local McDonalds. Tip #1 - Try using Bearing Spacers! They tighten down axle nuts allowing them too keep the nuts in line so that way when you're going down hill, it won't be as choppy. Credits go to the Internet for providing the photo between the white borders!
@hipsterxhanson the spacers do more than that! They lock the inner race of the bearings down so that they don't move allowing the outer race to move properly as well as preventing the axle from slowly wearing to the point of it snapping. I learned my lesson when mid slide I hear a grinding noise and watched my wheel fly down the road haha! Thankfully it was just a melted bearing not snapped axle
My personal tip for you, is get a skate tool! That way you don't need three separate tools for all your loosening and tightening needs!
Sweet! Super stoked to have you here!(:
Thanks guys for the feedback. c: