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Hello everyone! It's been great to see so many of you actively posting your work into both creative writing and poetry (a community I have taken a keen interest in, in addition to my own). Thank you, and welcome! If we haven't talked yet, my name is Gregg, and I'm the current Creative Writing Community Moderator. Since many of you are new to the community, I just wanted to give you all some advice on how to get the most out of our community. If you have any further tips or questions, add them in the comments, or send me a direct message from the profile page! 1) Publish your cards appropriately: if it's a poem, make sure to add it to poetry. Don't add it to books if it's not relevant to a book, etc. When you publish a card, the people in the community will come to enjoy it, and if it doesn't fit the community, they won't like it, so it's best to stick to Creative Writing and/or Poetry with your relevant works! 2) Make a collection for your writing. Or, make a collection for a specific series your working on (check out this collection by @hikaymm for an example or a series: Doing this will allow those who enjoy your writing to click "Follow" and then they can enjoy it in their feed! And, its a great way to share your writing, or a specific piece you're writing, with friends! **TIP! Publish your collection to Poetry and/or Creative Writing by going to your edit collection page, and selecting those communities to publish to. By doing so, members of the communities will be able to more easily find your work, so you'll gain a larger audience to interact with. 3) If you want feedback, specifically ask for it! Consider adding it in the title, tagging myself or other community members in the comments asking for feedback, or leaving a note or comment at the end of the work. 4) Make it easy to read: space your work, if necessary. If your piece is written on images, make sure they are legible and preferably not just screen shots (unless you're making an artistic choice, and then I won't say a word!) 5) Have fun! The most important part of this community is to have fun, and learn more about writing. If you have any ideas, or any interest in joining the team as community staff, let me know! Look forward to a post this weekend about a weekly event I'm going to try to start!
It's been great to have you all! I can't wait to see more poems that you write, or share, with the community. Let's grow as writers (and as readers) together from now on. Welcome! @hikaymm @timeturnerjones @WordDoctor @RobertStriker @GeorgeJensenJr @Nedyah @WyattHaste @THThomas @Acezsinkillx @ayedude693 @AhmadBlack @Alexkeem @DanielRivera @Pureheart517 @idccom @rastatee @DebankaChanda
so glad I found vingle yall are awesome and have helped me soo much!
Thanks @greggr :)
@greggr Thanks for the mention; I'm glad you enjoyed that work! Looking forward to talking with you all more about our work together :)
Thanks @greggr! I haven't posted much of my own work, but I'm enjoying reading others' and giving them feedback!