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What are the shops in your areas like? Cause the only one I know about around me is a Zumies in the local mall. And personally I'm not the biggest fan of it. It's more of an apparel shop. It only has boards on like 3/8 of the walls, wheels, trucks, and other gear are only at the back of the shop, and there are no helmets. And I'm sure it's expensive everywhere but stuff is expensive.
The closest one to my house is zumiez, but here in Florida we have tons of awesome places like Rip Curl, Ron Jon, Quiksilver, CCS and Vans :) Quiksilver and Ron Jon have the LARGEST selection of rare longboards it's crazy! Got my Bustin Maestro from Quiksilver's store instead of online C:
I work at a skateshop called adrenalina in San Diego, where we have a skate soul unlike zuimez, we accept everyone that wants to learn about the sport and won't laugh at you for asking questions. try to support your local skate shop but if you can't I can say muir and edge have a great reputation for having almost everything in stock. fun box distribution is good if you want a simple black deck that you can put your on flare on.
I'm fortunate enough to live in Colorado where there's a skate shop every 10 miles
Motion Board Shop in Seattle Washington! :)
I live right next BYU, and all collage towns have tight shops. My shop has all loaded, arbor, landys, rayne, sector 9, gravity, blahblahblah, every truck, most wheels, ok selection of bearings, and all equiptment needs. Screw zumies... go to a real shop, even if that means online.
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