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Rice paper is not like regular paper in that its made of rice (duh) and its much thinner so its easier to "wet out". Difference shown in picture 1. Surfers use rice paper or mulberry paper to put laminates on surfboards. The same process can be carried over to a longboard. Shown in picture 2. The great thing about rice paper lams is that you can print out graphics on a regular old printer. Shown in picture 3. Anything you want can be put onto tour board with this process. The result is pretty awesome if you do it right. Shown in picture 4. I will show a full tutorial on how to go through this process in my next post later today. Stay tuned
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This info needs to be shared with everyone
I think ill try this!!
Dude. I have no words for how awesome this is, I've never seen anybody do this before! Nice job!