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Does your city have a club?

If your city does not have a club you should at least try to start one. Here in Indiana in West Lafayette Purdue University has a club. We get money from the University and when events are held we get prize donations from big skate companies like Original, Loaded, Cadillac wheels, and other sponsors. It's well worth the effort.
If my school had this i think id actually enjoy half the people im in school with!
Nobody good skates here. It's all emo people, who just wanna bring you down. There are a few friends who skate with me but nothing as good as a club.
Cancun has a great community of longboarders! There are few, but they meet up every Sunday and they shred the streets... It's awesome and a growing community!
I wish :/
Yeah actually there is an event coming up this weekend if anyone is in northern Indiana
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