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Adam and Eddy have surprised fans again with the unofficial rumors and one very real tweet that iconic Disney villain Cruella de Vil will be showing up for Once Upon a Time’s forth season. Seasons three was divided in half, with the characters going toe to toe with one villain in the first half (Peter Pan) and a different villain in the second (Zelena the wicked witch) and and it looks like season four will be following suit. No information yet on how the devious fur enthusiast will fit into the reimagined fairy tale world Adam and Eddy have created, but there were previous rumors about Maleficent rejoining the show this season so perhaps we’re in for a diabolical duo.
@pixiedust I can totally see Archie as a Roger! That's actually kind of perfect; I guess we'll have to wait and see!
@timeturnerjones not sure how she's going to play into the show yet since there's only Pongo and none of the other characters, a lot of Once fans have thought Archie was a sort of Roger character and I would love to see him with a romantic interest!
Life action 101 Dalmatians always freaked me out, so I'm pretty sure this will as well!