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Jaw Dropping

Drive side pix pls
That's my bike !:)
teamwaffles, exactly what I was thinking. what's the point of having such a high stem. he needs to drop his stem and do some bloody stretching exercises for a month. it's like putting a roof top on an Aston martin!
What's with that stem?
I need something like this to run in the velodrome!!! Damn sexy!
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Intro To electric bike Costa Rica Power Bicycles
There are many names given to this new form of transport... electric bike costa rica power bicycles, e-bikes, electric-assisted bicycles, or just the simple electric bike costa rica bicycle. Despite this confusion, one thing stands true above all, electric bike Costa Rica is fantastic! Here is why... What Are They? Electric bike costa rica power bicycles are bicycles that have an Electric Wood Banana Biker and a battery attached. These provide the power that can help you up hills and through difficult terrain. Often a hub motor is used. These are attached to the wheel and are well-disguised making the e-bike look like a regular bike. Electric-powered bikes can reach speeds of up to 15 to 20mph, depending on what the regulations require. Off-road e-bikes can reach much greater speeds. You can find the fastest e-bike here if you're interested. The electric bike Costa Rica bicycle battery will provide power that can last many miles, with many offering a range of 20-30 miles on just one charge. It is also easy to charge the battery from a socket in your home by using the charger provided. It will only cost you approx. $5 per year to fully charge your electric Wood Banana Bike regularly. You should aim to recharge your battery as often as possible unless it's a deep-cycle battery that is made to run until it's discharged. Keeping your battery topped up will give it a longer life. Many electric bike costa rica bicycle batteries come with over a one-year guarantee. Toshiba has recently invested $223 Million in developing battery technology for electric bike costa rica power bikes. You can find more on this and the battery information here. Pedelec or E-bike There are two types of Electric Wood Banana Bike bicycles: Pedelec: These are most popular in Europe due to the law. The pedelec has a pedal sensor that will cut the power if you're not pedaling. That way you're only ever being assisted by the power. If you're more interested in getting fit, the pedelec would be a good option for you. E-bike: These allow you to choose how much power you want and when. Many e-bikes use a throttle for this. So this way you can cycle without the power like a regular bicycle, you can go half and half, or you can let the motor do all the work for you! The e-bike is the more popular option in Costa Rica. Although these machines sound quite simple, it is extremely difficult to create the perfect Electric Wood Banana bicycle! Even big-name manufacturers have struggled to create a very good electric bike costa rica. That is why it is essential to know what bikes are good and don't just sound good in their description. The perfect electric bike costa rica is one that: Charges quickly, Is good value for money, Is light, robust, and able to handle well, Comfortable and effective at climbing hills (good gears), With the battery offers a long range on one full charge, with a good guarantee. However, everyone's preferences are different. Reading our tips on Electric Wood Banana Bike could save you a lot of money, and hassle. You can find them here. Why buy an electric bike Costa Rica Bicycle? A big plus is that you can drive Electric Wood Banana Bike on the road without having to pay tax, petrol, or insurance, and there is no license required! You can read our list of great benefits, but also the problems with electric bike costa rica here. We at E.B.K truly believe that electric bike costa rica is the best form of transport for most commutes. Here is why... 58% of journeys to work are less than 11 miles. E-bikes can achieve that and the return journey is easy. And only 10% of journeys are greater than 31 miles. What does this show? This shows that most people can travel using Electric Wood Banana Bike... which will save you significant money, increase your fitness and help the environment. Electric Bicycle Sales Increase Now that electric bike costa rica has moved on from the early days of heavy and unreliable machines, more and more people around the world are buying Electric Wood Banana Bike. It confirms that electric bike costa rica is now a great form of transport, thanks to improved technology. It seems that e-bikes are one of the few things that are recession-proof. Europe has seen a huge increase in sales with Holland leading the way, reporting over 100,000 units sold in 2007. However, China lead the way by a huge margin, selling 10 million in 2005. Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US are also starting to see huge increases in sales. The US is set to double sales from 100,000 to 200,000 in one year. Considering this is a new form of transport, these figures are well beyond expectations. Buying Electric Wood Banana Bike Prices for a decent electric bike costa rica start from around $5000. The average price varies in different countries. In Holland, they are willing to buy quality at prices around $3000. Whereas in Costa Rica they spend closer to the $3000 mark. But you can only spend what you can afford. There is a good Electric Wood Banana Bike at price ranges starting from around $3000. The prices may sound expensive at first, but for what you are getting, they are well worth the investment. You can find our list of pros and cons here. Buying Electric Wood Banana Bike is the same as buying a car. There are good and bad models, plus those that are worth their price, and those that are not. But, unlike cars, few truly know what electric bike costa rica is actually good or bad. However our knowledge will find you the best value-for-money electric bicycles out there. If you already own a bike, you can convert it to an Electric Wood bicycle with a hub motor kit. Or you could return to the homepage by leaving our Electric Wood Banana Bike bicycles page here. Multi-Purposeful Electric bike costa rica are used by students traveling around campus, Professionals traveling to work, And pensioners travel to the shops. E-bikes are also used just to have some great fun! Which they are. e-bike Recently we introduced this new form of transport to a man named Robert. At 55, he thought his days of cycling were long gone. He bought his first electric bike two months ago and openly admits it has changed his life for the better. This heartwarming story shows electric bike costa rica can change lives.
Mystery Artist Wanksy Paints Penises Around Potholes To Get Them Fixed [NSFW]
Armed with only a can of spray paint, an artist located in Manchester, England, is determined to rid the streets of potholes. How does one get rid of a potholes when city officials don't take the issue seriously? By drawing penises on them of course. The anonymous artist goes by the name "Wanksy", a clever spin-off of the famous street artists Banksy. The artist decided to draw attention to the "appalling" pothole-ridden streets after some of his cyclists friends were badly injured due to the potholes on the streets. “I wanted to attract attention to the pothole and make it memorable. Nothing seemed to do this better than a giant comedy phallus,” he said. “It’s also speedy, I don’t want to be in the road for a long time. It seems to have become my signature. I just want to make people smile and draw attention to the problem.” The artist uses non-permanent paint that washes out within a week or two. Despite the paint's short life span, the potholes have been getting fixed quicker than they were previously. So apparently a penis on the street elevates the urgency of road repair. "People will drive over the same pothole and forget about it,” the artist said. “Suddenly you draw something amusing around it, everyone sees it and it either gets reported or fixed." The local government is not amused. A council spokesman in Bury, a town in Greater Manchester, told the Evening News that the artist’s actions “are not only stupid but incredibly insulting to local residents. Has this person, for just one second, considered how families with young children must feel when they are confronted with these obscene symbols as they walk to school? Not only is this vandalism, but it’s also counter-productive,” the spokesman said. “Every penny that we have to spend cleaning off this graffiti is a penny less that we have to spend on actually repairing the potholes.” Regardless of whether the local government has to spend more to clean the graffiti, the artist is ultimately succeed in his goal. And from the looks of the repair jobs, the local government is spending no time or money trying to remove the graffiti. Rather, they are just covering the pothole with new asphalt.