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when I bomb a hill with a friend, hell, even a stranger I just met at the park!! I feel connected with that person, like we've been friends for a long time or something. thanks to all you gnarly kids I've bumped into OR have yet to bump into skating, you guys are rad. you make me believe there's good in the world. (: stay safe everyone
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That's how I feel with random people boarding around campus
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All the people at my school and area that board are just emo stoners... no chill people
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If you're bombing hills, I'd get a helmet. Even just cruising, anything can happen and you can go flying off your board. We've all had those lone pebbles send us flying and it's not fun if you land on your face. Stay safe!
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Exactly. I've met 5 of the greatest friends boarding. We met as strangers, but we are bros now. one of them even flew out of state to come board with the group again after he moved away.
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