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So I saw this bag of bushings on amazon but I really have no idea if there a good quility bushing. Anybody know anything about them?
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i agree with @tristendamon support your local shop google skate shops around (your area) it will bring you hopefully a wide list of different shops who usually include their phone number so you can. call around and ask how much they sell a style of bushing you were looking for for around that same price its quanity over quality you shouldnt buy wholesale longboarding gear in my own personal oppinion its better if you just buy part one month then next month buy another upgrade like wheels if money is a little tight this is the best way to slowly get yourself a wonderful board
@JoeyMotionless only problem I have with the local shop around here is that they don't ever carry anything I need. It's mostly a surf shop so I can't blame them for that but it still kinda sucks that I have to go so far
@charlessutliff ah i see mean i also have the same problem the shop.closest to me only sells longboard conpletes and no hardware
If you're on a budget for bushings and use regular bushings go for RAD
I really wouldn't buy skate stuff off amazon... I've gotten two warped boards from them, so I don't trust them anymore. Try motion boardshop or a local shop