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There’ve been a lot of studies over the years about how violent video games don’t promote violent behavior in the real world, which is cool but usually the evidence is corollary which I didn’t get until my dad explained it to me. Basically, it’s taking two things that are happening at the same time and saying they’re connected. But this article from GameSpot cites that the "downward correlation is likely related to ‘chance,' and should not be taken as an indication that playing violent video games can lead to a safer world,” but that the "risk that identifying the wrong problem, such as media violence, may distract society from more pressing concerns such as poverty, education, and vocational disparities and mental health. This research may help society focus on issues that really matter and avoid devoting unnecessary resources to the pursuit of moral agendas with little practical value.” Basically it’s more evidence that violent video games aren’t the problem and aren’t what make people commit violent crimes and that blaming games for crime rates is distracting from real issues, which I think is pretty cool.
It's been a long known fact amongst level-headed people that violent video games =/= violent people. I played the Unreal Tournament series for over a decade now; it's my favourite series ever. I hate violence in real life so much... So much is solved by walking away from the confrontation these days...
Not that they are right or wrong, just pointing it out
I'd venture to think that sexist games don't make people sexist either. :\