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When your stuck in school on a perfect day to longboard for hours
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if your school is lax with you bringing your board or if you have a certain teacher you really trust you could ask to store your board in their class or in the office (but they wont give it back until school is over) and try to get a lunch time sesh in
and sometimes i just walked around school with it all day and they never seemed to mind just dont let them catch you.riding it on campus during lunch time this is when you get a little creative again dont ride your board on canpus they will take it
I just wanna take my tan tien down the four story ramps and crap in here
four story ramps wow that must feel like a garage sesh oh and lastly if any teachers or staff is like "why do you have a skateboard" just tell em thats how.you got to school
Nah I got my car but I haven't gotten any sessions in