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Gaby Moreno is another great Latina singer/songwriter that I follow. When I first found out about her I was super excited because she is Guatemalan. I joke with my friends and tell them she is my soul sister, hehe. Even more reason to love her, she loves bossa nova (Brazillian Jazz), one of my favorite musical genres! "No Regrets", from her album Illuminated Songs, is inspired by Antonio Carlos Jobim. I love it, it's such a positive song. Her overall style is a mix of blues, jazz, and good! Lyrics Tanto que hacer Hay tanto que hacer Me siento bien No hay tiempo que perder Tanto que ver Hay tanto que ver Cuál ser mi hazaña Al abrir mis pestañas? Sabes, paso todo mi día Pensando en ti Si, pensando en ti Río, en tus aguas me quiero sumergir Desde hoy no me voy a arrepentir Desde hoy no me voy a arrepentir So much to do So much to do I´m willing and able No time to lose So much to see You know there´s so much to see ´Neath a carnival sky Oh, the jubilee Notice, I´m always Filling the days With you on my mind Yes, you on my mind River of joy you won´t let my heart dry up From now on promise you no regrets There´ll be no regrets You should follow Gaby on Spotify:
I love love loveeeee the bossa nova sound! Once I had to work on a huge bossa nova collection for an internship I had and got to listen to the best from Brasil for months!
@caricakes that sounds like so much fun!